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If this bus could talk, we’d probably have to duct tape its headlights and push it into a lake. 
This is the original bus used from Jan 1, 2016 until its tragic death on May 20 2018 when it caught fire on the side of the road in Little Rock, AR. Whether you're a collector of good memorabilia or you're just in the market for a new deer camp for your plot of land, this bus and all of its stories can now be yours for the price of $18K (plus the cost to tow it to you).
The Backstory....
We purchased the bus in Atlanta, GA and it was in real rough shape when we got it. We had 7 days to gut, re-wire and convert it to make it road ready. Somehow we pulled it off. From demolition to design, this bus is about 90% custom. Steel ceilings, wood floors, 6 built in bunks, couches, seats and the table were all custom additions. Most of them done by Wes. The tires, wiring, engine and pretty much everything else under the hood was broken and then fixed by us at some point. The bus has seen over 200+ shows - from dingy clubs to arena's. It was a pivotal part to our launch even though at most times we all wanted to push it over a cliff. We lived and almost died several times in this, and is what we truly consider, a real life Rock ‘n’ Roll museum. It is, and will always be our baby.
If you're interested in more information, please email info@woodsmusic.com. 

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